Barbados Wellness Festival 2017

**Pre-registration is now closed**
The inaugural two-day Barbados Beach and Wellness Festival takes place 2-3 September and is set to become the Caribbean's most remarkable Health and Wellness event. The festival will be hosted at the Hilton Resort Barbados and welcomes various forms of yoga, meditation, massages, pilates, cross-fit sessions, Wuk Up workouts, musicians, health and wellness speakers, a Kula market, chefs and other professionals coming together to create a transformational experience. Entry is free of charge, so take a look to what else is on at L'Atitude 13º North festival here:


**Pre-registration is now closed**
Please collect the relevant wristband for each class you have registered for from the Beach & Wellness Festival ticket desk located each day in the foyer of the Hilton Hotel.

Activities Sat 2nd Sept **All Classes are now filled**

  • Pilates (9:30am)
  • Speak Easy Talk - The Body Story - Christy Punnett (10:30am)
  • Bowspring (11:00am)
  • Speak Easy Talk - Health & Wellness - Julie McNeel (12:00pm)
  • Kids Move (2:00pm)
  • Speak Easy Talk - Conversations with a sweet tooth - Claire Haynes (2:30pm)
  • Yoga Flow (3:00pm)
  • Restorative (5:00pm)
  • N/A- Sunset SUP Yoga (This event is now fully booked)

Activities Sun 3rd Sept **All Classes are now filled**

  • N/A- Sunrise SUP Yoga (This event is now fully booked)
  • Pilates (9:30am)
  • Anusara (10:30am)
  • Speak Easy Talk - Single parents can stay fit - Claire Haynes (11:30am)
  • Speak Easy Talk - Christy Punnett - Understanding Presence - (1:30pm)
  • Kids Move (2:00pm)
  • Speak Easy Talk - Manuela Capursi - Stop chasing your symptoms (2:30pm)
  • Bowspring (3:00pm)
  • Rock Om Yoga (5:00pm)

Open Activities (based on first come first served)

  • Slacklining (open - Sat & Sun 12,4pm)
  • Cross Fit (open - Sat & Sun 9am)
  • Paddle Boarding (open - Sat & Sun 9-5pm)
  • Beach VolleyBall (open Sat & Sun 10, 2, 4:30pm)
  • Kula Market (open - Sat & Sun 10-6pm)
  • Tai Chi (open Sat -10:30, 12:30, 3:30 Sun -10:30, 1:30, 3:30pm)
  • Massages (open - Sat & Sun 10-6pm)
  • Wukup Workout (open - Sat & Sun 6pm)
  • Beach Tennis (open - Sat & Sun 11, 3pm)
  • BBQ and Bonfire (open Sat & Sun 8pm)
  • Live Music Performances (open - Sat & Sun12:30 -8pm)
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